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Apostille information in Australia

Designated competent authority(ies) to issue an apostille in Australia:

The Secretary to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Commonwealth of Australia

Australian Embassies, High Commissions and Consulate (except Consulates headed by an Honorary Consul) will be empowered to issue Apostilles on original Australian public documents

Within Australia, Apostilles are issued by the Australian Passport Office in capital cities.

To comply with foreign requirements, Australian documents sometimes need additional government legalisation before they can be used overseas. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) provides a number of legalisation services to help Australian documents meet the requirements of foreign governments. If you have an Australian document that needs to be used in a foreign country or by a foreign government, you will need to contact that country’s embassy to check what their requirements are.

The services that DFAT can provide depend on whether you and your documents are in Australia, or already overseas.


R.G. Casey Building
John McEwen Crescent
Barton, ACT 0221


+61 (2) 6261 1111

Do you need help processing an apostille for a document issued in Tonga?

Here you will find a list of recommended apostille service providers in Tonga.

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