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Apostille information in Botswana


Botswana joined the Hague Apostille Convention on September 30, 1966. 

Therefore no diplomatic authentication or legalization of documents from Botswana is required for the legal communication with another member state of the convention. The documents only need to be stamped with an “apostille” by the issuing state’s authorities in order to be valid in the state of destination.

Designated Competent Authorities: 

1. The persons for the time being exercising the functions of:

– Permanent Secretary,
– Registrar of High Court
– District Commissioner 

3. Any person appointed or empowered to hold a subordinate court of the first class.

4. Such other persons as the President may appoint by notice in the Gazette.



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TELEPHONE+267 2610418 

FAX+267 2610980 

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