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Apostille Information in Croatia


Croatia joined the Hague Apostille Convention on December 8, 1991 and requires Apostille certification, as it is a participating country in the 1961 Hague Convention

In Croatia, the designated Competent Authority to issue an apostille is The Municipal courts or the Ministry of Justice and Administration.


The Ministry of Justice charges for each Apostille 30 kuna. This price is prescribed by Croatian administrative tax Act.

The Municipal Courts charge court tax from 50 to 60 Croatian kuna, according to the Act of court tax (the price depends on whether
the text is in the Croatian language – 50 kuna – or translation – 60 Croatian kuna.)


Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia Ulica grada Vukovara 49
10 000 Zagreb Croatia


+385 1 371 40 00

General Website



+385 1 371 45 07

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Do you need help processing an apostille for a document issued in Tonga?

Here you will find a list of recommended apostille service providers in Croatia.

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