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Apostille Information in Finland


In Finland, the Apostille certificate is obtained at the Local Register Office. If needed, an official translation of the document into the language of the receiving country must also be submitted, to which an Apostille certificate must also be attached. 

The Apostille certificate can be attached to public documents, i.e. documents and certificates issued by public authorities. An Apostille certificate may also be attached to a translation made by an official translator or to documents signed by a physician. The Apostille certificate certifies the signature of the document, the capacity in which the person signing the document acted and the seal or stamp attached to the document. The Apostille certificate does not certify the contents of the document. 

Designated Competent Authority(ies): 

Since 1. January 1985 Finland has designated all notaries public at Local Register Offices as Competent Authorities. Notaries public in Finland are appointed by Local Register Offices and they are appointed as ex officio by the law of Notary Public (893/1996),
There is no centralized register of all notaries public, but they are all working at Local Register Offices. 




Do you need help processing an apostille for a document issued in Finland?

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