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Where can you apostille ?

Those who wish to apostille and depending on the type of document, will have to address: The ministerial regional secretariats of the ministries of: Education, Justice and Health.

The regional offices arranged by the Civil Registry and Identification Service.

The public attention offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The addresses of Health Services.

Intendencias of Health Providers.


 Get more information on the Apostille website.

Review the list of member countries of the apostille agreement.

Review Law No. 20,711, which implements the agreement of the apostille.


Apostille information in Chile


Designated competent authority(ies) to issue an apostille in Chile:

  • Subsecretario de Justicia (Under-Secretary of Justice), Secretarios Regionales Ministeriales de Justicia (Regional Ministerial Secretaries of Justice)
  • Secretarios Regionales del Ministerio de Educación (Regional Secretaries of the Ministry of Education)
  • Secretarios Regionales Ministeriales de Salud, Directores de Servicios de Salud, Intendente de Prestadores de Salud (Regional Ministerial Secretaries of Health, Health Service Directors, Intendent of Health Providers)
  • Director Nacional, Directores Regionales del Servicio de Registro Civil e Identificación (National Director, Regional Directors of the Civil and Identification Registration Service)
  • Dirección General de Asuntos Consulares y de Inmigración del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores (General Direction of Consular and Immigration Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign 

Information about the regulation:

International validation: 

Documents issued in Chile certified by an apostille will be recognized in any country belonging to the agreement without the need for another type of certification. The same situation will occur in the case of documents apostilled by the countries in agreement that enter Chile.

Electronic process: The system implemented in Chile is an e-Apostille type, which is a computer system that allows electronic apostille through an advanced electronic signature. In addition, its authenticity can be consulted by the verification code through a system of online consultations.

Decentralized: A document can be apostilled in all the regional capitals of the country with the supervision of the competent authorities.

Free: Apostille a document will have no additional cost for users. However, you will have to consult in each service the value of the document you wish to apostille. Also, you must take into consideration that some documents require a procedure prior to the apostillement, which consists of the signature recognition, which may have an additional cost.

Indefinite validity: The apostille does not expire, that is why once it is generated, its validity is indefinite. However, you should check the validity of each document.

Do you need help processing an apostille for a document issued in Chile?

Here you will find a list of recommended apostille service providers in Chile.

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