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Apostille in Montenegro


Apostille Information in Montenegro


Montenegro joined the Hague Apostille Convention on July 3, 2006. 

President of the Court is authorized to certify the authenticity of the documents or the person who is authorized by the President of the Court with the seal “Apostille”.

The Ministry of Justice may also issue Apostilles for the public documents issued by the authorities in the district of every Court of First Instance in Montenegro if the necessary conditions are fulfilled, i.e. when the Ministry’s database has a sample of the signature and stamp which the public document bears.


ADDRESS: Ministry of Justice of Montenegro Vuka Karadžića 3 81000 Podgorica Montenegro                             

TELEPHONE:  +38 220 407 510 


PRICE: 2 euros per page


ADDRESS: Basic court in Podgorica 13 July nn 81000 Podgorica Montenegro

TELEPHONE: +38 220 481 238   FAX: +994 (12) 430 0681 – 


PRICE: 2 euros per page

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